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“Rockefeller Stone Barn” (southern yellow pine)

“Rockefeller Stone Barn” (southern yellow pine)


In the early l930s, in the Pocantico Hills region of New York, the Rockefeller family built a complex of fieldstone barns as a way of having fresh milk available for their family.  After many years of use and lifestyle changes, the barns became run down and in need of a contemporary purpose.  David Rockefeller and his daughter, Peggy, donated the house, barns, and 80 acres of land to the memory of his late wife and her mother, Peggy, who had worked to preserve the vanishing farmlands through the American Farmland Trust.  

The southern yellow pine, from which this flower press is made, comes from the renovation of these buildings and stables.  Even after being sawn more than 80 years ago, the resin content is so high in this wood, that when touched, you can feel its density and wax-like surface.  Known to have rot-resistant qualities and a hard dense nature, this wood was commonly used where durability was needed.  Nowadays, the quick-growing trees that are cut contain far less resin then these saturated pieces.  I came across the end-cuts from a table that a colleague had made for the Center, which opened in 2004.  Sitting in a heap on the floor, covered with dust, their small dimensions were perfect for my press needs.  Only 6 presses were made in this limited edition.

These buildings now house a working farm and educational center dedicated to bringing public awareness to the advantages of community-based farming and environmentally-sensitive agricultural practices.  For more information, visit their website.

Press dimensions are 11.5”W X 11.5”D X 13.5”H. Cardboard inserts are 11.5” X 9”.

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