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left to right: flat spatula (bird’s eye maple), tasting/stirring spoon (mesquite), deep-bowled serving spoon (curly maple), and deep-bowled ladle (cherry)


Creating beautiful wooden ware with one’s own hands can be an intoxicating endeavor.  With the use of hand tools to craft a useful kitchen utensil, this one-day Saturday class will have you walking away with a completed project, ready to be used in your kitchen. 

I teach 4 levels of spoon carving.  These spoons are examples of each level, starting from left to right:  flat spatula (bird’s eye maple), tasting/stirring spoon (mesquite), deep-bowled serving spoon (curly maple), and deep-bowled ladle (cherry).  All levels build on skills that advance to the next level. 

The Saturday class, held at my studio in Harpswell, is from 9:30 AM to 5 PM and includes sharpened tools and materials.  

  • Levels 1 and 2: $100

  • Level 3: $125

  • Level 4: $135

Class sign-up allows me to contact you for future scheduling.  Workshops are typically offered 4 times a year (January, April, July, & October), but additional classes may be scheduled depending on interest.  For information and to be added to the mailing list, contact or call (207) 725-9802.


I loved taking Lynette's carving classes. What fun! A fine teacher, she conveys a profound reverence for and knowledge of wood as a continually living entity. She knows her tools well and easily conveys their use to the student. Creating a warm and safe atmosphere even for beginners, she provides all the materials for a satisfying experience, and at the end, you have a lovely wooden utensil of your own making.

Jerielle Young
Mere Point, Maine



Also available:  Private Group Classes

In addition to my usual 4 annual classes, I offer private group classes in spoon carving as well.  Below are 2 photos from a recent workshop organized by a group of friends from Kittery, Maine.  Great fun was had by all, and beautiful work was done by all!

spoon carving workshop-private group classes (Oct 2017).jpg
finished utensils (Oct 2017 private group class).jpg

With my studio located on the beautiful Harpswell peninsula, renowned for its scenic beauty and 216-mile coastline, why not schedule a group vacation and include a private spoon carving workshop as part of your adventure?  For more information or to schedule, please contact me at or call (207) 725-9802.   

Minimum enrollment:  5


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