In the Spirit of Form


“Signatures of Becoming”

“Signatures of Becoming”


composed with wintered aster, autumn tomatillo husk, wintered tomatillo husk, wintered squash vines, & paper wasp nest material

6" (w) X 10.625" (h)

Collages are only available framed.  I feel that the use of wood to frame them is important and highlights the overall piece.  I use either Western Red Cedar (dark brown) or Port Orford Cedar (a lighter, golden color).  Both woods are chosen for their straight grain, which does not compete with the composition, and for their sepia tone, which complements the materials used.  Please click the thumbnail on the right for an example of a framed collage.

All frames are hand-rubbed with a nontoxic oil finish.  The pieces are light (weight) and do not require special studs or hardware;  they can be hung anywhere.  Though I mount the compositions on acid-free paper and use UV-protective glass, it is recommended that they be hung out of direct sunlight.

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