Ancestral Table

Today I waxed the Ancestral Table for the last time. Delivery is tomorrow.  She will now be part of the permanent Decorative Arts Collection at Bowdoin College Museum of Art.  I wanted her to be bright and shiny, even though it will be in the crate for a bit before being exhibited.  I have fed these elements again and again, massaging it with gratitude for feeding my own soul all these 20 years.  And it will continue.

I am honored that it will now be placed amongst such antiquity and cared for in the right environment.  These are ancient materials:  Bog Oak from Estonia, possibly 1300 years old, Woolly Mammoth tusk, exposed from the melting Yukon Permafrost, Abalone, not old, but used similarly by the Pacific Northwest Inuit Folk Artists, who so greatly inspired this work.

May your hidden wisdom bring forward the questions we so desperately need answered and imbue us with our own cellular memory that longs for peace.


Ancestral Table (48"W X 22"D X 24"/36.5"H):  Estonian bog oak, woolly mammoth tusk, & green abalone


Details with woolly mammoth tusk & green abalone